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Robot Monitoring Suite 2.0 - NACHI version

One-hour FREE Trial

After connecting a robot for the first time to Robot Monitoring Suite, it will work with all the features for one hour for free, without any further obligations.

Comissioning license plan

If you wish to use RMS for efficiently programming and commissioning your robot or robot cell, if you want to avoid frequent file transfers between the PC and the robot controller, the commissioning license is for you! 

The license is valid for 1 month, and can only be purchased once for a given robot.

Service license plan

The service license helps you to support, troubleshoot and manage robots while they are installed and operating at your customer, or your plant. You can use RMS from a remote location, or on-site. You can also use the service license plan for the programming and commissioning period, at a reduced cost!

The plan offers licenses for 1 and 2 years. After expiration, the plan continues with the same rates, unless the customer cancels it.

Service license plans are invoiced in every quarter, and must be paid in advance for the following quarter. If the whole plan period is prepaid, there is an additional 5% and 7% discount on 1 and 2 year plans.

Unlimited license

The unlimited license allows using RMS on a robot controller without time limitation, and completely offline. Choose this license type if you want to save money in a long term, or if you want to use RMS with a robot but you have no Internet connection on your client PC.

RMS Black Box (optional)

The RMS Black Box is an optional hardware component that offers an easy and secure connection to Robot Monitoring Suite, while keeping the robot controller isolated from the public Internet. It can go online using either mobile broadband or wired LAN connection. The RMS Black Box also provides a video capture and storage service triggered by robot controller errors.

IP Camera preconfigured for Black Box (optional)

If you wish to use IP Cameras with the Robot Monitoring Suite Black Box, you can optionally order them together with the Black Box, and they will all be preconfigured and ready to use just out of the box. You can also configure your own IP Cameras to use them with Robot Monitoring Suite or the Black Box.

Prices and Ordering




Commissioning license plan

1 month


Service license plan

1 year


Service license plan

2 years


Unlimited license plan



RMS Black Box



Camera configured for Black Box



* Please note that when using RMS with this license, you will need an Internet connection on your PC where you are running the RMS Client Application.

** Prices exclude delivery cost.

All prices exclude VAT, if applicable.

Prices are for licenses to use with NACHI robot controllers. For OTC-Daihen robot controllers, please contact OTC-Daihen Europe GmbH.