Company Name
baseClass Automation Ltd.
Managing director
Andor Gaudia
2049 Diósd, Ipar u 20. Hungary
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Company Profile
In baseClass Automation Ltd. we have a long experience with NACHI robots and software development. Over the years we have had many industrial projects with NACHI robots, and developed a good partnership with NACHI Europe GmbH and Nachi UK. We tested Robot Monitoring Suite in NACHI Europe GmbH, and NACHI UK.


Development Leaders

Andor Gaudia, M.Sc.

Andor Gaudia
Owner and managing director of baseClass Automation Ltd, and intellectual father of Robot Monitoring Suite. Andor Gaudia is a software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in software, robotics and automation. He has gained deep expertise with NACHI robots as a robot cell integrator, robot programmer and robotics related software developer.

Barna Reskó, Ph.D.

Andor Gaudia
Owner and research & development manager of baseClass Automation Ltd, responsible for the Robot Monitoring Suite project. Before moving to the industry, Barna Reskó was doing research in robot vision and intelligent robot systems and computer graphics at The University of Tokyo, and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He speaks English, French and Japanese.