Getting started

  1. Download and Install RMS application on your Windows Computer
  2. Prepare the robot controller for RMS using the Teach Pendant (see video)
  3. Deploy RMS to the Robot Controller from the RMS application, using your License Key (see video)
  4. Restart the robot controller

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For AX and A2 robot controllers, the CF card must be removed from the robot controller, and the system can be installed using a USB CF card reader.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Robot Monitoring Suite is a remote monitoring system for NACHI and OTC-DAIHEN AX, A2, FD11, CFD, FD19 controllers.

  2. This installer will copy monitoring support files to the robot controller's internal memory card and it will alter some NACHI system files. 

  3. RMS software is tested by NACHI Europe GmbH and OTC-DAIHEN Europe GmbH.

  4. baseClass Systems Ltd. is not liable for any harm, loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by installing and/or using Robot Monitoring Suite. Use it on your own risk.